Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What to Do When Golf Isn’t an Option

I learned recently that no matter how well and how far in advance you plan, there’s one factor that can throw a wrench in a golf vacation: the weather. As easy as it was for my buddies and me to plan our golf trip (and the Gulf Shores Golf Association website really does make it easy to put together a golf package), it was just as easy for two days of rain to keep us from two days of golf.

Hey, it happens. The good thing was we were in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach—there were plenty of things to keep us busy during those two rainy days. One of my friends is into art, so we decided to do the museum thing one day. We checked out a few area art museums and galleries, of course, but my favorites were the historic ones—the area has such a rich and fascinating history.

Eating and shopping are good ways to spend rainy days, too, and there are plenty of good choices for either activity. And your condo or hotel will most likely have amenities. Ours had both an indoor pool and an indoor tennis court—we ended up having quite the competitive tennis match one afternoon.

I felt good knowing that our time was nowhere near wasted during those couple days of rain. But we were all glad to finally play golf—the rest of the week was perfect golf weather. I love the Gulf!

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