Thursday, June 23, 2011

Water Hazards: Love Them or Hate Them?

I have a love-hate relationship with water hazards. I love them for the beauty and challenge they add to a golf course, but I hate the effect they have on my game. Because when I play a hole with a water hazard, my ball just seems drawn to it every time.

Ultimately, though, I love water hazards. It’s a great feeling when, on a good golf day, my ball actually sails past those waters and onto the green. If it’s a bad day—well, I make a stop at the clubhouse to buy a package of balls on my way out. But at least I’ve tried, and that’s the important thing—practice makes perfect, right?

And of all the places I could practice, the various courses in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach have some excellent options, especially when it comes to water hazards. Somehow, just being near the Gulf—the ultimate body of water—makes those hazards that much more appealing. I particularly enjoy courses like Kiva Dunes and Lost Key Golf Club, where the Gulf is just off in the distance. The beauty of these courses, water hazards and all, makes the distinction between a good day and a bad day irrelevant.

Check out some of the water hazards yourself—visit the Gulf Shores Golf Association website to view pictures of all nine signature golf courses in the area.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Choosing the Post-Golf Meal

I recently went on a short, solo golf trip and made a discovery: having complete control over where to eat after playing golf is a wonderful thing. If I finish a round and I feel like eating some crab legs by the Gulf, I can do that without having to consult with anyone else.

Usually, when I’m golfing in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, I’m vacationing with at least a couple friends or family members. Agreeing on what to eat can be a challenge. So it was a nice change to play 18 holes and be able to satisfy my appetite exactly as I wanted. I did get those Gulf-side crab legs one day, then the next day I opted for pizza.

But I certainly wouldn’t change my group golf vacations just for the sake of choosing a meal, and if you are vacationing with others, whether it’s a buddies golf trip or a family vacation, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach is an ideal place to be for dining (and, of course, golfing). Seafood, steak dinners, Italian, Mexican, barbecue, and more—it’s all there. Even if you have to compromise with others in your group, you’ll be able to find a restaurant you all enjoy.