Friday, November 22, 2013

Eat a Little Turkey, Play a Little Golf This Thanksgiving

So we’re a week out from Thanksgiving…any golf plans for the big holiday? Will you resist the urge to be lazy following the big turkey dinner, or will you head out for a round of golf? Maybe you’re thinking it will simply be too cold to hit the greens this late in November.

Not in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. Comfortably cool, yes, but you’re not likely to find frigid, freezing temperatures down on the Gulf. And if you’ve ever thought how brutal it is to play golf under the hot summer sun, you’d appreciate the cooler (not cold) on the Gulf Coast this time of year. For many of us it is, simply put, the best time of year to play Gulf Shores golf.

There’s still time to put together a Thanksgiving golf vacation. And one great thing about Gulf Shores & Orange Beach is the variety of Gulf-front accommodations. Enjoy preparing and eating your Thanksgiving meal in your condo or beach house with a view of the Gulf right outside the window, or keep things simple with a hotel room and dinner out.

Then get out and enjoy the beach, enjoy the weather and, of course, enjoy the golf. Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Golf-Only Tee Times Are Available in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

Anyone planning to be in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach this fall? Maybe you’ll be in the area on work-related business, or maybe you planned a little fall family getaway; you didn’t plan on any golf because it didn’t seem to fit into the picture. Then, low and behold, some free time opens up—but you didn’t book a golf package.

No problem. Sure, putting together a golf vacation package is an excellent idea for planning a getaway in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. But there’s another option: golf-only tee times.

This is easy enough to do—just visit the “Golf-Only Tee Times” page on the Gulf Shores Golf Association website and browse the available golf times for the area’s signature golf courses. It also tells you the range of prices at each golf course. And if you are literally out and about and looking to book a tee time, just visit the Golf Gulf Shores mobile site.

Conveniently is the best way to book a round of golf. Get out there and enjoy those Gulf Coast greens.