Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Now That It’s Summer, Let’s Keep Cool on the Golf Course

No matter how big a golf enthusiast you are, you can’t deny this one fact: it’s hot. Summer is finally here, and although we do love the heat in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach (there’s no better way to enjoy a swim in the Gulf), playing golf in the heat can be tough.

While keeping your cool on the golf course can be equally as tough—sometimes that slice just won’t go away no matter how many adjustments you make—simply keeping cool is a little more manageable if you follow these basic tips.

If possible, play during the coolest temperatures—in the morning before the sun beats down on the course. You’ll at least start your round before the heat really sets in. Dress in light, comfortable clothing, and stay hydrated with plenty of cold water. Hats help too—anything to ward off the sun. And avoid overly salty and sugary foods and snacks that might dehydrate you.

Several Gulf Shores & Orange Beach golf courses also offer special features to help you beat the heat on the course. Cotton Creek and Cypress Bend at Craft Farms, for example, offers ice-cold towels. And they’re mango-scented, which helps you feel extra refreshed. And Peninsula Golf & Racquet Club offers chilled apples at the first tee of all three nines.

Finally, follow up your game with a refreshing drink and a little air conditioning in the golf club’s clubhouse. Then retreat to your condo or hotel for a dip in the pool.

And that’s how you enjoy a golf vacation in the summer.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gulf Coast Golf and SEC Football Make an Excellent Combination

Golf and SEC football—two of the greatest sports ever. Both are great to watch and…well we know golf is great to play, but probably most of us never had the chance to play SEC football, though you very well may have attended a college with an SEC football team.

And no, this is not completely random rambling. Just a little more than two months away is the SEC BeachFest in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. If you’re eagerly awaiting the return of SEC football this fall and want to kick-off the start of the season Gulf Coast style, then plan to be here August 15th – 18th. Live concerts, alumni happy hours at several Gulf Shores & Orange Beach restaurants, and appearances by legendary SEC coaches and players are some of the things you can expect at this event.

Then there’s the SEC BeachFest Golf Scramble on August 16th and 17th (see, I told you it wasn’t
completely random). Not only do participants get to enjoy playing golf at Craft Farms, Peninsula Golf & Racquet Club, or Gulf Shores Golf Club (and Kiva Dunes if they’re part of a qualifying team), they also get four free tickets to the SEC BeachFest, complimentary breakfast and lunch on both days, a gift bag, and the chance to meet legendary SEC coaches. And that’s just for playing—imagine actually winning!

Could be a good week to take that Gulf Shores golf vacation. Gather up your best golfing buddies and get to planning!