Thursday, July 28, 2011

Playing Golf from Gulf Shores to South Africa

Kiva Dunes is one of those amazing golf courses that just makes you feel like you’re on top of the world—or at least that’s how I feel whenever I play there. The gorgeous Gulf-side layout and the challenge of the course always make me feel like I’m some big pro golfer playing a big-deal tournament—hey, I can dream, right?

Dream though I may, this fantasy may come true to some extent if I play in the World Golf Championship in Gulf Shores next Saturday, August 6th. The tournament itself meets one aspect of my dream, as it will take place at Kiva Dunes. And besides getting to compete against other golfers from across the country—possibly from around the world—the winner gets to advance to the World Golfers Championship/USA Finals in San Antonio in September. Then the winner in San Antonio will get to travel to South Africa for the World Finals in November to represent “Team USA.”

The tournament is open to amateur golfers with handicaps ranging low to high (there are five handicap flights). The cost is $95 per player—a worthwhile fee for a shot at playing golf in South Africa, in my opinion! More information is available on the Gulf Shores Golf Association website.

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