Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gulf Coast Festivals and Golf—It’s All Possible in October

October just might be my favorite month for a golf vacation in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. The weather is a major draw, of course—absolutely ideal for some Gulf Coast golf.

But there’s also so much going on in October. And as much as I love golf, I won’t be playing from sun-up to sun-down (believe me, though, I have considered it). I like to have other things to do, other places to go…like maybe Fort Morgan during the upcoming Fall Bird Banding Session. I could start the day observing and learning about Coastal migratory birds, then finish up the afternoon with a round of golf.

There are also a couple festivals coming up that have caught my eye, partly just because they are festivals in the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach area, and partly because they involve food (always a wonderful complement to golf). The first is the 41st Annual National Shrimp Festival, taking place October 11th to the 14th. If you’ve never attended this event, I highly recommend it—continuous live music from two different stages, fine arts and crafts to browse and buy, and lots of delicious shrimp and other seafood (and non-seafood). There’s also a Children’s Activity Village, making it a fun event for the kiddos, too, so bring the entire family down for an October golf vacation.

The other is the Original German Sausage Festival in Elberta, scheduled for October 27th. This is a good one if you love sausage and are looking for “the best German sausage you have ever tasted.” Plus you’ll find more arts and crafts and live music, carnival rides, and a Bier Garten.

Beer, sausage, and golf—sounds like a heavenly vacation trio to me. Just visit the Gulf Shores Golf Association website for more information on Gulf Shores & Orange Beach events and planning a golf getaway.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Who’s Up for a Fall Golf Vacation on the Gulf?

I was talking with a coworker the other day who was griping about missing his golf vacation this summer; the timing just didn’t work out with his wife between their work schedules and other events.

I told him I couldn’t understand why he was so upset. We’re coming into fall now, and fall is absolutely my favorite time of year not just for golf, but specifically for a golf vacation. All I have to do is head south to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach and I’m in heaven.

After all, autumn on the Gulf isn’t like other places. The weather is cooler, but comfortably so—still warm enough to enjoy a little swimming, a little Gulf Coast nature-exploring, maybe even a little deep-sea fishing. And of course, a lot of golf. (Nine signature golf courses provide plenty of options!)

It’s easy enough to plan a fall golf getaway, too, especially when using the Gulf Shores Golf Association website. You can browse the various accommodations (ranging from chain hotels to luxurious Gulf-front condos) as well as the Gulf Shores golf courses. Then click on “customized quote” under “Plan” to begin putting together a customized golf vacation package. Easy.

Really, there’s no excuse not to plan this fall vacation. My coworker can complain all he wants… I’m booking a vacation.