Friday, December 31, 2010

Championship Tees

The year is coming to an end and yet another is beginning. This always gets me thinking about starting fresh, changing for the better, goals and accomplishments, etc. This can (and does) apply to many aspects of my day-to-day life, but being golf-obsessed as I am, I’m once again putting much emphasis on golf goals for the New Year.

I was looking at the course lengths of some of my favorite golf courses in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Kiva Dunes appears to be the longest, with 7,092 yards from the gold tees. Timber Creek, Peninsula Golf & Racquet, and Cotton Creek at Craft Farms are also over 7,000 yards from the championship tees.

I know I’ve never played this distance before. I did manage to work my way to the blue tees a couple times this year—the next step up would be the championship/gold/black tees (depending on where you play). So that’s my goal for 2011: play a 7,000-plus-yard course from the big tee boxes. (And maybe next year I’ll add “with a good score” to that goal.)

Here’s to golf in 2011!

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