Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Physical Activity

One main reason I enjoy golf is I love being outside. I would much rather sit staring at the sky from my back porch than sit staring at the television in my living room. And more than either of these, I would prefer to be doing something active while outside (although staring at the sky is often a relaxing alternative).

This is what makes the Alabama Gulf Coast ideal for people like myself. Not only is the golf excellent—you can hardly beat nine scenic, challenging signature golf courses—but the opportunities for outdoor activities abound. Swimming in the Gulf, walking the beach, and hiking/biking a nature trail supplement a golf vacation nicely. Fishing is another popular option that also works well during a group golf trip—hit the greens one day and fish the Gulf the next.

I also enjoy staying at a condo or hotel with amenities like pools and tennis courts, and there are plenty of these types of accommodations in the area. Visit the Gulf Shores Golf Association website to learn more about area lodging options.

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