Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Several Reasons to Visit

This time of year, many places are simply too cold for golf. For the avid golfer, the return of tolerable temperatures can seem like an eternity. This is just one of many reasons to visit Alabama’s Gulf Coast for a fall/winter golf getaway.

Though obviously cooler than spring and summer, the weather is still mild and very tolerable for golf. The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area is a perfect location for golfers looking for a reprieve from the season’s chilly temperatures. Not only will they be greeted with comfortable temperatures, they’ll also have their choice of nine signature golf courses.

And with the arrival of the holiday season, a trip to the Gulf could make a nice gift for a spouse or other loved one. A wide array of accommodations—from hotels to luxurious condominiums—plus excellent dining and other activities make it an ideal vacation spot, golf or no golf. Visit the Gulf Shores Golf Association for more information on area golf and other information.

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