Friday, May 10, 2013

Longer Days Mean More Gulf Coast Golf

We’ve reached that wonderful time of year when the days are finally getting longer. More daylight later into the evening hours means more time to do those fun, outdoor activities we love to do during spring—like play golf.

This is a great thing for us big-time golf enthusiasts. It means we’re no longer limited to weekend, daytime hours, it means we can play after work (which is especially nice after a stressful day), and it means we can more easily take advantage of replay options during a golf vacation in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

Golf replay options are a favorite of mine—play in the morning at the course’s regular rate, then play again in the afternoon or evening at a lower rate. You get the most golf for your money this way, and, especially being in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, you can work in other activities—like a trip to the beach or a favorite attraction, or simply have lunch at the course clubhouse or a nearby Gulf Coast restaurant.

So when you’re in the area for your spring golf vacation, be sure to ask about the replay option. And if you haven’t scheduled that spring vacation yet…well, you know what to do.

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