Friday, April 19, 2013

Celebrate Mother’s Day on the Golf Course

Mother’s Day is less than a month away, and I’ve been scrambling to think of the perfect gift for my much-deserving mom. Sure, I could do another big, beautiful bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant. But sometimes it’s nice to do something really special.

Then it dawned on me the other day: My mom loves golf too. I’ve done the gift-of-golf thing for my dad a couple of times—no reason why I can’t do it for my golf-loving mom as well.

There are a couple ways to do this. I could buy a couple of rounds of golf during their next Gulf Shores & Orange Beach vacation. (And yes, it does have to be golf in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach; you simply can’t beat nine signature golf courses.) This is an easy enough option thanks to the Golf-Only Teetimes feature on the Golf Gulf Shores website.

My other option is to plan an actual Gulf Shores golf vacation for them—Mother’s Day weekend would be an apt choice! And it doesn’t hurt that, with this plan, I could tag along—celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother, on the golf course.

No other gift could possibly top that.

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