Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Thrill of Planning a Golf Vacation on the Gulf

There’s no denying it: the first time you plan that golf getaway to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, it’s exciting. You don’t know yet what the experience will be like, but you have heard that it’s amazing. So of course you can’t wait to get down there. And most likely, the actual experience is well worth the anticipation.

But as exciting as that first visit is, I think that it’s the repeat visit that’s even more thrilling. In fact, it’s been my experience that the fun of planning a Gulf Shores & Orange Beach golf vacation is heightened with each experience—because now I do know what to expect. I know, of course, which golf courses I like best, which aids the planning process.

I also have established accommodations preferences now—and we all know how accommodations can make or break a vacation. I know which Gulf-front condos and beach houses I like best, and which Gulf Shores hotels are best for weekend getaways. I know that a multi-bedroom beach-front condo works best (with my group, anyway) when spending a few days and a few rounds of golf on the Gulf with a small group of friends, but a beach house with space and privacy is ideal when spending a week at the beach with the family.

And knowing all of this ahead of time sure does take out any anxiety about whether or not I’ll be disappointed! Honestly, I’ve never had a bad vacation experience in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. The area has so many accommodations choices—just visit the Gulf Shores Golf Association website to see what I mean (and to start putting together that golf vacation package!).

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