Thursday, May 10, 2012

What’s Your Favorite Group for Golf?

I’ve played golf with many different group types—including work groups. I’ve actually played several times with people from work (during conferences and company gatherings), thus I can say from experience that golf can help bring any group together in camaraderie.

Then there are those much-loved, much-needed buddies golf vacations on the Gulf. Just a group of friends, a condo on the beach, and several days of golf—the group golf experience doesn’t get much better than this.

But I think it might come close to as good this summer, when a large group of family and friends will gather on the beach for a wedding between two people who actually met at the beach. That part of the story is good enough, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that a group of us will be hitting the golf course the day before the wedding. And a large group it will be—several relatives, friends, and friends of friends will be participating in this “mini-tournament.”

Whatever the group, making Gulf Shores & Orange Beach the golf location is a must. You can’t beat the beauty of the area’s nine signature golf courses. And with a variety of accommodation options—from hotels to beach houses to luxurious Gulf-front condos—it’s easy to find a golf vacation deal to meet the needs of all golfers in the group.

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