Monday, April 30, 2012

How Much Gulf Shores Golf Could You Play in One Day?

I know spring has fully arrived when all I want to do is play golf—and seriously, all I want to do is play golf. All day. I played a round last weekend with a couple friends, and felt so invigorated by the end (though still fairly tired) that I could’ve played another round. But the “real world” demanded I return, leaving me no time for another round.

So I’ll just have to hit the Gulf Shores Golf Association website and book a golf vacation. Here’s the beauty of the GSGA website: it makes it so easy to put together a Gulf Shores & Orange Beach golf package, and you can even plan ahead for a double round of golf—or even unlimited golf!

The later I’ve never actually tried, but I think the next golf trip will have to include at least one day of unlimited golf. I would love to see just how much golf I could play at a given course in one day—golf in the morning, a little after-lunch golf, and since the days stay lighter longer this time of year, I could probably squeeze in some early-evening golf.

I’d love to spend an entire day on the course—it would be the ultimate golf getaway!

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