Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cooler Weather and (Possibly) a Free Golf Vacation

Had a nice taste of cooler weather this past week, and now I have one thing on my mind: fall golf. There’s nothing better—trading in the shorts for a new pair of stylish golf pants, playing the green on a cool, crisp morning, winning a free golf vacation package worth up to $4,000….

Yes, that last one is a possibility. If you’re planning a fall golf vacation—sometime between now and November 7th, 2011—all you have to do is book with a Gulf Shores Golf Association accommodations partner and you’re automatically entered into a drawing, which will take place on November 15th. The winner receives up to $4,000 in a rebate on his or her golf package.

So when I win this drawing (positive thinking!) I can then put my winnings toward my spring trip to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. And if I don’t win, I still get to enjoy my fall golf getaway that I’ve budgeted for anyway. It’s a win-win situation. Count me in!

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