Friday, September 27, 2013

Combine Fishing and Golf This Fall for the Perfect Vacation

Being so close to October, I think it’s time to hook a fall golf vacation in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. I mean, actually hook it—throw the fishing pole in with the golf clubs and head to the Gulf for both golf and fishing.

Anyone who’s done a Gulf Shores & Orange Beach golf getaway knows that the golf is rewarding all on its own, thanks to the variety of scenic and challenging Gulf Coast golf courses. But it is the Gulf Coast—fishing in some way, shape, or form is practically a necessity. After all, the area is home to one of the largest charter fishing boat fleets in the world.

Plus fishing just makes a nice addition to a golf vacation. You’re already down there with a group (no matter how big or small) of friends and/or family members, so the fishing party is already set—golf one day, Gulf angling the next. And fall is a fantastic time of year for both golf and fishing, especially since October 1st marks the beginning of a two-week fall snapper season this year.

Beautiful fall weather, red snapper, and golf. It’s a dream vacation.

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