Friday, September 14, 2012

Who’s Up for a Fall Golf Vacation on the Gulf?

I was talking with a coworker the other day who was griping about missing his golf vacation this summer; the timing just didn’t work out with his wife between their work schedules and other events.

I told him I couldn’t understand why he was so upset. We’re coming into fall now, and fall is absolutely my favorite time of year not just for golf, but specifically for a golf vacation. All I have to do is head south to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach and I’m in heaven.

After all, autumn on the Gulf isn’t like other places. The weather is cooler, but comfortably so—still warm enough to enjoy a little swimming, a little Gulf Coast nature-exploring, maybe even a little deep-sea fishing. And of course, a lot of golf. (Nine signature golf courses provide plenty of options!)

It’s easy enough to plan a fall golf getaway, too, especially when using the Gulf Shores Golf Association website. You can browse the various accommodations (ranging from chain hotels to luxurious Gulf-front condos) as well as the Gulf Shores golf courses. Then click on “customized quote” under “Plan” to begin putting together a customized golf vacation package. Easy.

Really, there’s no excuse not to plan this fall vacation. My coworker can complain all he wants… I’m booking a vacation.

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