Friday, February 10, 2012

Why Golfing on the Gulf is Ideal in February

Here’s why I love golfing this time of year: you can actually golf in the afternoon, something I personally can’t tolerate in the heat of summer. And golfing in the afternoon usually means paying afternoon (lower) rates.

Of course, ability to play golf in the afternoon (or any time of day) really depends on where you are. Obviously, if you’re in an area that’s actually experiencing winter, golf may be out of the question until spring. But in a place like Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, it is absolutely an ideal time for golf. And you’ll find some excellent afternoon golf rates among the area’s nine signature golf courses. Courses like Cotton Creek and Cypress Bend at Craft Farms and Peninsula Golf & Racquet Club currently offer an afternoon rate of $59; Rock Creek has an afternoon rate of $49, and Lost Key drops down to $40, to mention just a few.

And there’s an additional reason why February is a particularly good time for a Gulf Shores golf vacation—Mardi Gras! Several Mardi Gras parades and celebrations are coming up later this month. It’s a good time of year to play a little golf, catch some beads, and make the most of winter.

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