Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Play Golf, Relax, or Get Active—The Choice is Yours

Every golfer has played that hole where a body of water, or thick foliage, or some other obstacle stands between you and the green at such a distance that you have a couple ways you could play it: lay-up and ensure the ball gets over on the next shot, or give it all you’ve got and drive the ball over that water in one swing.

A golf vacation in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach is very similar in that there a couple ways to play it. You could keep it very simple—golf and relaxation. A round of golf in the morning followed by an afternoon of relaxing on the beach, by the pool, in a hot tub, at a spa…the possibilities are many.

Or you might want to squeeze in as much activity as possible by checking out some of the local events. This is where I recommend visiting the Gulf Shores Golf Association’s “News & Events” page (under “Explore” on the website). Here you’ll find information on things like upcoming golf tournaments as well as non-golf-related events. Right now, for example, we’re approaching Mardi Gras, and several Mardi Gras parades are planned for next month. And then there’s the Under Armour Senior Bowl scheduled for January 28th—watch the country’s best collegiate and NFL football stars in live action during this nationally televised football game.

How you decide to play it is up to you—just be sure to play.

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