Monday, October 31, 2011

Cold Weather has Arrived—Time to Plan the Spring Golf Trip

Found out over the weekend that my neighbor is planning a first-time trip to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach in the spring. By planning, I mean he wants to go—this coming spring—but he doesn’t know anything about the area other than what I’ve told him.

So of course he’s now “planning” a golf vacation. Really, that was the first topic of discussion when he told me he wanted to plan a Gulf vacation: the nine signature golf courses in and around Gulf Shores & Orange Beach and how awesome they are. As far as where he should stay, I told him it really depends on what his plans are.

If he wants to keep things pretty simple (just himself, just a quick weekend trip, etc.), a hotel might be the way to go. If he’s going solo for a longer vacation, a one-bedroom condo is another option—all the comforts of home suited to one person. Or maybe he wants to take my suggestion and make it a buddies golf trip, in which case he should go with a multi-room condo or even a beach house. I’m pushing for a Gulf-front beach house with a group of friends (myself included, given all the excellent advice I’ve offered).

Whatever he decides, he’ll have lots of options—everything from “chain” hotels to luxury condos. And no, it’s not too early to plan for spring—it’s the best way to tolerate the dreary cold of winter.

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