Friday, May 27, 2011

A Long Weekend of Gulf Golf

This time of year, I make it a habit to try to play golf on both Saturday and Sunday mornings—late spring/summer mornings are ideal for golf, plus it’s just good practice. So when Memorial Day comes along, I have to take advantage of the three-day weekend. If you’re like me and you’re in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, you have some decisions to make.

With nine signature golf courses to choose from, you won’t be hurting for great golf. But unless you’re planning to play three courses each day to cover all nine (a tempting thought—maybe one day!), you’re going to have to make some choices.

If you have one or two favorite courses, the choice is easy—spend the weekend on your favorites and enjoy the extra time spent there. Or maybe spend one or two days on the favorite and pick a different one (maybe one you’ve never played) for the last day.

You could also choose according to the course designer—play an Arnold Palmer one day, a Jerry Pate for the next, and then an Earl Stone the last day.

And if you still feel like you’re missing out by not playing all the courses, go ahead and book that full-length golf vacation—give yourself plenty of time to hit the courses you couldn’t get to this weekend! Visit the Gulf Shores Golf Association website for a customized quote on a golf vacation package.

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