Friday, February 25, 2011

The Usefulness of the Internet

Years ago, before any of us had ever heard of the internet, I remember one of my school teachers saying how one day we would be able to do pretty much everything on a computer: go shopping, do research, communicate with other people. I also remember thinking how futuristic it all sounded—and feeling apprehensive at the thought of our lives being so reliant on a computer.

Yet here I sit today, my life on the internet. As uneasy as I may have felt at one time about an online existence, it’s hard to feel too bad about it when I’ve just booked a Gulf Shores golf vacation package with just a few strokes of the keyboard.

The Gulf Shores Golf Association’s website just makes it so easy. First, the site offers an interactive planner that lets you click through to find information on golf courses, lodging, dining, and maps. If you’re interested in a golf package, the website has a sample package rates page—a list of several accommodations and their golf package rates—as well as a page where you can get a customized quote on a golf vacation package based on your specific needs. If you’ve already booked your vacation and are just looking for a place to play golf, you can click on the golf-only tee times link on the homepage, which allows you to search for available tee times according to golf course, day, time of day, and number of golfers.

Now, with the help of my computer, I get to enjoy several rounds of golf on the Gulf—out in the real world.

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